The Group

Today, ELETTRA 1938 is present in 60 countries and realizes about 70 percent of its proceeds abroad. In order to be near the requirements of its clients, it boasts 5 production establishments in such strategic markets as Italy, USA, Czech Republic, Brazil and China.

The commercial and marketing of its products is entrusted to about 5 sales and technical branches – in Italy, France, USA, Brazil, and China – and a network of important distributors.

Its Acoustic Signals are present in eighty percent of vehicles produced worldwide, ELETTRA 1938 represents over 70 years of history.


FIAMM Horns and Antenna Systems is also focused upon security and communication through the development of innovative horns, sophisticated antennas and systems for receiving.

Who we are

Born from the all-Italian passion of the Dolcetta family and raised with real values such as integrity, quality, respect for people and the environment, the ELETTRA 1938 Group has factories and offices all over the world.

Experience, a deep knowledge of the product, and the ability to converse with the client are the company’s undisputed prerogatives. Inventiveness, passion, talent, precision are the strengths of its highly qualified human resources. The energy of a healthy Italy. The same energy that made this brand the supplier to the world’s leading car manufacturers, despite remaining deeply linked to its Italian roots. The same one that gave life to a sound and competitive industrial base with a global distribution and commercial network.

A world leader in the market of acoustic signals, with a significant position in all the other sectors in which it operates. Made in Italy for the world; this is ELETTRA 1938.

Battery Electrolyte
Battery electrolyte is a crucial component in various types of batteries, serving as a medium that facilitates the flow of ions between the positive and negative electrodes during the charge and discharge cycles. This substance is typically comprised of a mixture of salts, acids, or bases, dissolved in a solvent system to generate an ionic solution that enables the efficient transfer of electric charge.
Brake Fluid
Brake fluid is an essential component of a vehicle's braking system, responsible for transferring the force generated by the driver's foot on the brake pedal to the brake calipers. It plays a crucial role in ensuring the safe and efficient functioning of your vehicle's brakes. This article aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of brake fluid, its types, and the importance of proper maintenance.
Brake Fluid
DOT 3: This glycol-ether based fluid is commonly used in older vehicles and has a minimum dry boiling point of 205°C (401°F). It is compatible with most braking systems but may not be suitable for high-performance applications due to its lower boiling point.
Brake Fluid
DOT 4: Also glycol-ether based, DOT 4 fluid is compatible with DOT 3 and has a higher dry boiling point of 230°C (446°F). It is widely used in modern vehicles and offers better resistance to high-temperature conditions, making it suitable for high-performance applications.
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